2015 Marketing Plan task sixteen

2015 Marketing Plan task sixteen

Ready to jump into the last week of our plan? I hope you can see how it’s coming together.

Now we finally get down to the nitty gritty – tactics. This is where most small business and entrepreneurs live when it comes to marketing, and no wonder. Our days are so jam packed it’s often hard to think of anything but the next step.

The problem with only focusing on tactics is that you’re really just playing hit or miss. Without a focus on your best customer you don’t have a target. Without strategy you don’t even have anything to shoot with. (We are talking target practice, not hunting analogies – just to be clear!)

So today I want you to think about the tactics you used in 2014. For example, a strategy would be to advertise in print magazines. The tactic would be “ran 10 ads in Woodbury Magazine.”

List your tactics and rate them 1 – 5, with being most effective.

And that’s it!