5 Futuristic Trade Show Displays That Raised The Bar

5 Futuristic Trade Show Displays That Raised The Bar

By Jocelyn Cunanan

Jocelyn is a Creative and Quality Improvement Manager at Display Creatives. She loves keeping up with all the newest technology innovations as well as attending as many tech shows and events as she can. She strongly feels incorporating technology into any business is essential for productivity, marketing and customer service-plus its fun!

Building displays for trade shows here at Display Creatives for years has taught us one important thing – truly impressive displays are what draw traffic and generate buzz. A well-designed display can dramatically increase the ROI that a company receives from attending a tradeshow. Whether through word of mouth, social media, or simply visual beauty, innovative displays can gain attention that a normal display would not. So there’s little surprise that companies are continually finding innovative ways to design displays. They want to impress attendees and competitors that are attending the tradeshows. Futuristic trade show displays have been particularly impressive at trade shows, raising the bar regarding what can be accomplished within the specific parameters.  Here are five futuristic trade show displays that have really raised the bar:

One: WorldSpace Display

Based in Silver Spring, Maryland WorldSpace was a satellite radio network that had most of its subscribers from Asia. Their trade show display had an innovative design that utilized a combination of materials such as metal and wood. The futuristic shapes added to the innovative presentation. Other features of the display included a conference room, and a dynamic setup that showcased the brand values and story of the company in an immersive environment.

Two: TLC Tradeshow Display

TLC (The Library Corporation) is a company that services libraries with technological products. Based in Inwood, West Virginia they built an innovative trade show display with a lit arch structure that was composed out of ethereal, lightweight materials. At the front was a curved and streamlined receptionist desk and sleek stools. The display also featured a backlit wall and demo stations. The TLC tradeshow display sought to present themselves as technologically advanced and elegant. The lightweight materials along with the excellent lighting created a calming environment with an elegance suited to a company that services libraries.

 Three: NASA Display

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) runs the United States space program, and so should expectedly have a futuristic and awe-inspiring trade show display and they didn’t disappoint. The exhibit was 3,600 square feet and featured a large stage with a ceiling curved like the earth where a who’s who of scientists and engineers took to the stage speaking in front of a large television display to discuss the latest breakthroughs going on with NASA, geared towards a younger audience. There was also stands for young people to perform demos on their own and these interactive displays were crucial in opening up young minds to the wonders of science and space. The exhibit was able to cleverly combine a center stage and interactive exhibits for young people.

Four: Northrop Grumman Display

Northrop Grumman is a global security system company that specializes in helping the government, including preventing cyber attacks. In their trade show exhibit they utilized gigantic arches at eighteen feet high that were used to accent equipment demos that were spaced out strategically across their space. The arches were covered with translucent fabric, and beautiful halogen lighting was displayed as well. There was also a conference room included, which contributed to the futuristic feel that this was a major company presenting a major groundbreaking exhibit. The result was that everyone who stepped inside the exhibit was stepping inside the heart of what Northrop Grumman represents as a company.

Five: USAREUR Display

The USAREUR stands for the United States Army in Europe. The exhibit display for the USAREUR is suitably impressive when representing the United States army abroad. First the size is grandiose at 40’ x 50’ feet, which is impressive just in itself. Then the exhibit utilized HD video, a gigantic globe hung as the exhibit’s centerpiece and displays that were sheltered by large curved arches. The size and quality of the HD video and projections made this seem like a high-tech museum exhibit because of how enriching the whole exhibit was.