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5 Ways 5G Will Change Digital Marketing

We are officially living in a world where nationwide 5G technology is an everyday reality. For most people, this means faster phones, internet, and streaming capabilities. For digital marketers, it’s a new realm of possibilities just waiting to be explored. As digital marketers, we work in an industry where user experience is at the top of every company’s priority list, and with 5G, it seems anything is possible.

In the Wax Marketing Blog’s first installment of the “5G Experience Series”, we will be looking at 5 different ways 5G technology will open new doors for digital marketers.


5 Ways 5G Will Change Digital Marketing 

  1. Video Marketing

In 2020, mobile video advertising in the United States nearly doubled while still operating on mostly 4G internet speeds. Now, in 2021, the industry anticipates mobile video advertising to rise yet again due to the capabilities of 5G technology. While it currently takes about six minutes to download a 2-hour movie with 4G, it takes around 3.6 seconds with 5G. This dramatic increase in speed allows for video marketing to explore campaigns with higher quality content at a more consistent rate. As higher definition video becomes more accessible on more devices, consumers will be more likely to open video advertisements.


  1. Acceleration in The Mobile Ecommerce Industry

Mobile shopping used to make up a small percentage of the overall e-commerce industry. Now, more than two-thirds of online sales occur on mobile devices and 5G is only going to accelerate that success. Despite the large growth, consumers are still experiencing issues when shopping with the biggest frustration stemming from latency. With 5G networks speeding up, zero-latency will eliminate this frustration.

  1. Immersive Technology

Popular immersive technologies like augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have slowly started to integrate onto mobile platforms. However, immersive technology requires a large amount of bandwidth that can’t be fully provided with 4G. With 5G on the other hand, AR and VR have the potential to explode into the mobile advertising world.

  1. Interactive Advertising

Prior to 5G, interactive ads would negatively impact website performance, causing increased download times and sometimes crashing websites. With 5G speeds, ad-load times will become almost non-existent. This creates a window for marketers to be able to integrate high-level, interactive ads that will allow more engagement with consumers. 

  1. Geotagging and User Tracking

Knowing a consumer’s demographic information has always been important. In the later stages of 4G capabilities, companies were able to keep some watch on where their primary consumer was and what they were doing. 5G takes this tactic to a new level. With 5G speeds along with the data companies can collect, ads can change in real-time on different devices, depending who is watching and how they’re feeling.


The Tip of The Iceberg

The capabilities that 5G can bring to the marketing world doesn’t stop with this list. The reality is, 5G is a new concept and what it is really capable of has yet to be discovered. What we do know is that the marketing and advertising world we live in today will not be the same five years from now.


In our next installment of the Wax Marketing Blog’s 5G Experience Series, we will be taking a dive into what 5G means for the Internet of Things and why it will be seeing record growth in 2021.


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