7 Great ways to analyze traffic and boost conversions

7 Great ways to analyze traffic and boost conversions

Thanks to Gareth Boyd, Beth and Brandy for their wonderful guest posts this week, allowing me to take my first real vacation in 10 years.

The key to making money online is the ability to convert your traffic into sales. Contrary to popular belief, traffic is the easy part of internet business. The ability to convert that traffic into money is what sets the pros apart from everyone else. The following is a list of seven tips to analyse your traffic and increase conversions.

1- Use a heatmap program for your website. There are a variety of options, but a heatmap will show you where your clients are moving looking and where they’re clicking.

2- Use Google Analytics to see which long-tailed keywords you are pulling traffic from. Identify potential buyer keywords, such as product names or even “buy + keyword” so you can optimize for these as well.

3- Spy on your competitors with Spyfu. Here you can see your competitor’s marketing strategy to use it to your advantage. Look for keywords, strategies for promotion and more to use in your own campaigns.

4- Optimize your headlines to take advantage of buyer traffic. This plays nicely with #2. Your headline is the first thing a visitor sees. Give the buyers what they want to see straight away through a great headline.

5- Run your target keywords against search trends. Markets trend upwards and downwards throughout the year. Ensure that your marketing efforts are in line with this and that you adjust your target keywords to coincide with the trends

6- Observe for unique visitors vs total visitors. Unique hits are great for a website, but returning visitors indicates you are offering value worth returning for, giving you an opportunity to make more than one sale.

7- Make sure your pages load quickly. If a visitor has to wait more than a second or two for a page to load, you are likely to lose them and any chance of a sale.

The ability to analyse your traffic and observe trends and other information is learned over time. Using these strategies will allow you to make more money with less effort.


Gareth is a writer and designer working with suppliers of men’s ties. He enjoys collecting leather journals and reading his book collection.