Writer’s block? Turn your writing upside down with these tips

Writer’s block? Turn your writing upside down with these tips

The number of posts on Beth’s blog this week convinced me that finding inspiration and promoting creativity in our work is something we’re all interested in. How many times do have my editorial guidelines beautifully laid out, clever themes to follow and great photos but then I sit down and BLANK – there’s nothing flowing. I’ve been fortunate to work with many writers who simply don’t have time for writer’s block – one MPR reporter comes to mind – who have taught me some great ways to keep moving when you have to write on a deadline. Here are my favorite ways to get back in the writing saddle:

1. Start writing…anything. Many times block is created by self-editing. Try writing something out no matter how bad you think it is. Writing is a lot like running that way. Often the first few paragraphs, like the first mile or two, can be excruciatingly painful. You can always go back and edit or delete but it will get you started.

2. Do a short meditation before you start. I really need to be “in the zone” when I write…if I’m not fully in the present I can’t get going. There are a couple on YouTube that I like…try the ones with binaural beats . Those tend to activate all areas of the brain. (Don’t listen if you’re driving though)

3. Stand on your head. I’m not kidding, even if you have to do it against a wall just a couple minutes upside down makes everything look different. Don’t do this after lunch though.

4. Get out the thesaurus. Sometimes when I’m tired it’s hard to think of new ways to say things. Using a thesaurus and punching in your tired old words and phrases can really give you a new lease on a writing project.

5. Write it out of order. Sometimes I’ll do the quote first, or do my bullets before I write the introduction. There’s no reason you have to write sequentially it just has to flow when you publish. Better yet, stand on your head and then write it out of order.

Finally, if you really struggle sometimes get a good queue of guest posts saved up. They can be a lifesaver…visit  the Blogger LinkUp website, and click on the “Request guest posts” link. You’ll get some fresh ideas as well.