Content marketing is changing my job

Content marketing is changing my job

I’ve talked to many PR folks about how much our jobs have changed in the last couple of years. I love that for most public relations people, writing (and even video editing) is becoming an even bigger part of our jobs. Content marketing and brand journalism are becoming the “it” girls of marketing.

Over the next few weeks instead of re-inventing the wheel, I thought I would offer up some of the better posts on content marketing I’ve seen. Let’s start with Duct Tape Marketing, and John Jantsch’s comments on why it’s vital for a product launch.

The Essential Role of Content Marketing in a Product Launch 

I launched a new product last week and thought it would be instructional to do a tidy little roundup of the content marketing for that new product, a book called The Commitment Engine.

This post really has two purposes. First, to showcase the coverage from my book and give you a handy jumping in place for lots of content.

Second, to illustrate the power of content marketing and networking in the online world we live in today.

Content marketing is a long-term game. It’s not something you do well overnight with a couple emails. It requires lots of work and a consistent commitment to effective networking, but the payoff is immense in terms of traffic, links and social proof.

And that’s the game we’re all engaged in now.

Effective content marketing, whether it’s to launch a product or simply compete for better search engine placement, requires three things.

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