Get back on the blog writing wagon

Get back on the blog writing wagon

By Beth Hodgson-Graddon who writes with a chip on her shoulder,  still bitter about that Wayne Gretzky trade back in ’88. 

If you haven’t been blogging for a while, it is hard to know how to get started again. You’ve fallen off the “writing wagon” but more importantly, do  you still have the same audience just waiting in the wings?  Or do you need to start from scratch to build up your readership again? 

To answer those questions, try the following:

  1. Check on the number of your subscribers – if you have an RSS feed setup on your blog that will tell you quickly if you’ve lost a substantial number of readers since you last posted.
  2. Test the waters – continue from where you left off and see how your numbers do. Not jus your traffic, but the number of comments. If people are still paying attention, they’ll jump right back in.
  3. Post a refresher – to appeal to your old readers as well as new ones, post a refresher post or too summarizing some essential points of past blogs with new summaries.

If it appears as though you have lost your main base of readers during your time off, don’t abandon everything you’ve done in the past. Bring back a few of your top posts, refocus your energy on guest blogs for link exchange and get active on social media – including RTing to connect with other relevant businesses – to draw attention to your blog once again!