Hey does Barbie tweet?

Hey does Barbie tweet?

I saw that Barbie turned 50 recently – I mean the doll, NOT my friend Barbie who is MUCH younger. Since I blame Barbie and Cinderella for most our society’s  fascination with blonde hair, black eyelashes and a large “smile” I started to wonder whether online media portrayed women in the same objectified fashion that we often see in TV and print.

I’m leaving the video games and men’s websites out of this discussion – that’s a given. But when I googled “how women are portrayed online” I got nothing that really matched. Lots of posts about traditional media but nothing for social media. It’s true, through avatars and aliases, we can all be who we want to be online. But  if Barbie and Cinderella are still as pervasive in traditional media, why don’t my women friends on Twitter have a Christie Brinkley lookalike photo? Does it mean that online we can drop the facade and be ourselves? Or is it merely that the bimbos and himbos can’t figure out how to work their phones?

Personally, I think that social media gets rid of alot of the Barbie syndrome. A writer at Fast Company tried to make a case for what she thought were sexist or offensive comments recently. I think the very fact that we don’t have to be that politically correct online is in and of itself an equalizing factor.  Do women that look “hotter” in their Twitter picture get more male followers? Maybe but it’s the prerogative of the follower to decide their own criteria. 

I know I feel much freer in my interactions online than on a day to day basis out there in the real world. (If you’re not following ME on twitter already I’m waxgirl333.)  I’m being judged on my intellect and wit, not my face or figure. I think it’s a huge empowering factor for women, and for men too.

And yes, that picture of me has been photoshopped. After all, I do want to look my best.  And it looks like on Twitter, Barbie is Italian and has brown hair.

PS My friend Kim Jones just graciously showed me where the bimbos are online. Watch this it’s hilarious.