Marketing to the charitable intentions of Generation Y

Marketing to the charitable intentions of Generation Y

wax blogAccording to the July 2013 issue of Forbes the generation known as Millennials,  or  Generation Y, are re-inventing the word charity. Although this demographic (those born between the 1980s to the early 2000s) has been referred to as lazy, unmotivated “slacktivists” the Huffington Post  reported in July of 2013  that Gen Y is increasingly looking for new and innovative ways to give back. I myself wrote about this a few weeks ago as one of the 5 reasons why I personally would rather work with Gen Y. 

Companies are marketing new socially responsible products and services that appeal to this generation based on effortless and hassle-free ways to give back. Here are five products/services in this category that appeal to Millennials because they include a charitable component as part of their business model: 

GIV Mobile –  A recent Cisco study reported that 40% of Millennials feel like they can’t live without their smartphones. GIV Mobile combines wireless service and charitable giving by being the first consumer conscious wireless service that donates 8% of a customer’s monthly “Unlimited Everything” service bill to up to three non-profit charities of his or her choice. This service allows the Y generation to give to charities such as the Alzheimer’s Association®, American Red Cross, United Way Worldwide, The Conservation Fund, Kids In Need Foundation and more simply by using their cellphone.

GamesThatGive – As a generation who grew up on video and computers games, GamesThatGive offers a fun platform of donating while you play. With a website like GamesThatGive, Millennials are effortlessly giving back to charities by choosing the game to play, followed by which charity to donate to. The amount of money donated to the charity is based on the total playing time.

Charity Miles – Millennials have learned to pay more attention to their eating habits and physical activity. The Charity Miles app is an easy way to help motivate the Generation Y  to work out more often, all while supporting their favorite charities. As one exercises, Charity Miles will track the distance biked or ran, then donate money towards the selected charity. Biking will donate 10¢/mile and running donates 25¢/mile.

Wishes in Flight – According to ABC News,  Millennials don’t think world travel is just a dream, but a necessary life experience. Many in Generation Y couple their travels with social work. Each year, more than 2.5 billion miles are needed to help grant the wishes for children from the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Frequent flyers can donate their unused miles to help wish kids and their families travel to destinations across the world.

InterConnection – As a generation who appreciates and depends on computer technology, InterConnection provides refurbished computers to underserved communities, helping make information and communication technology more accessible. InterConnection allows Millennials to donate their old computers to someone else who is less fortunate can use them.

Thanks to Giv Mobile and Elizabeth Lewis of Paramount Public Relations for this content.