Now I have to go to virtual baby showers too?

Now I have to go to virtual baby showers too?

The concepts of right and wrong are completely subjective in the blogosphere – a big reason  I like it so much. Although online pundits like David Henderson would like to define the “rules” for us it’s really a bunch of people making up stuff as they go.

Which brings me to an email I got this morning from the blogger Lisa Reviews. Lisa, a stay at home mom in Illinois, has decided to throw a “virtual baby shower” for her sister and asks us all to contribute product.  Here’s what she says…”My sister is due to have a baby in May (a little boy), and I’m trying to find the newest and greatest things for babies.  For the virtual baby shower, I am looking for any baby related items for mom, dad, and/or baby.  Nonreturnable samples are appreciated and do increase your chances to get listed.  All samples will be given to my sister to use… You will be given a review post on my blog.  (Stats can be provided upon request)  I will also be doing a roundup post, and my sister will also be doing posts on her favorite items on her blog after she has the baby.”

Okay, Lisa’s site is fairly reputable and has a decent Alexa ranking. Not to mention the fact that she’s being terribly honest here unlike alot of fake bloggers I know who’s primary reason to blog is to acquire free samples.

It’s a very clever idea and Lisa is being enterprising by addressing her sister’s alleged need for baby gifts with her need to review items. But is this request totally legit? Do you think it’s ethical for Lisa to use her blog to get samples or is it kind of sleazy? And does she get “points” for being upfront – after all, she could have just announced she was reviewing products for baby.

You be the judge. Tell me what you think.

P.S. And Lisa, just promise us you won’t make us play those stupid games if we do participate.