Optimizing with SEO Clerks.com

Optimizing with SEO Clerks.com

Not only do you need create content, you also need to optimize that content. SEO used to be only about your pagerank and your Google search results. Today, however, optimizers acknowledge the need for social media followers and creating articles with the sole purpose of SEO. On top of that, they must stay within the rules for Google Panda, Penguin and whatever else comes down the road.

This is where many brands or small businesses fall down. They do a good job of creating content but simply, no one reads it. Recently I found a site SEOClerks.com Although there are several others like it, this one has a wide span of services that any webmaster or savvy small business owner can utilize to help jumpstart the SEO and social media activity of their site.

The marketplace section of SEO Clerks displays offers from individuals. For example, you canbuy twitter followers for $5 , create high pagerank backlinks or add Facebook likes to your fan page. Developing devoted fans and followers can be  much easier once you’ve achieved some critical mass in terms of numbers.

If you’re looking for something specific to add to your SEO strategy click on the want to buy tab on SEO Clerks. Here you can post specific requests and the amount you are willing to pay. Current requests include things like getting 1000 daily visitors to a blog as well or getting 500 keyword backlinks. If you plan to use this section, make sure you understand how SEO works.

Check out the tweets section if you are interested in having someone tweet for you. Before you purchase a sponsored tweet, review the twitter account thoroughly to make sure it’s a good fit for your brand. Provide a trackable link and review your results. If you do get traffic, “re-up” with the account. If not, try a different one. Keep in mind that volume of followers does not necessarily translate directly to more traffic for you. A focused group of followers with interest in your brand genre may be a better bet.

Although I did not utilize the articles service, the blog review service is excellent. Here you can choose certain blogs that will review your brand or product for small amounts. I would review the Alexa ranking for blogs before engaging. Again, as with tweets, you want a readership focused on your own genre.

As I always tell readers, it’s best to stay white hat in SEO and to review carefully the work of those doing SEO for you. Spammy links on blog sites and short-term approaches can hurt you rather than help you. SEOClerks.com seems like a good place to manage your SEO efforts for a small amount and still stay in control.