ProfNet Chat on Brand Journalism

ProfNet Chat on Brand Journalism

Earlier this week, I had a great time participating in the @ProfNet brand journalism Twitter chat. I joined journalists and PR professionals from around the world to talk about what brand journalism is and how it’s affecting traditional journalism. See a summary of the chat on ProfNet. I’ve compiled the following key themes that we discussed.

What is brand journalism?

  • Stories written by the brand – about the brand and its industry.
  • Content that increases awareness, promotes and educates about a brand.

How does brand journalism differ from content marketing & native ads?

  • It’s a subset of content & marketing – the storytelling piece.
  • It’s controlled content.

What skills are key to creating effective brand journalism?

  • Writing in news style
  • Being transparent
  • Grabbing the reader’s attention and holding it
  • Researching to get a good understanding of audience
  • Speaking in the brand “voice”
  • Reporting

What’s something most companies do wrong when it comes to brand journalism?

  • Overestimating audience interest in their brand
  • Not asking, “Why would they care about this?”
  • Too much self-promoting
  • Selling in any way
  • Controlling the message too tightly

Examples of good brand journalism:

I hope this chat highlights some areas you may not have considered when it comes to brand journalism. Many thanks to ProfNet for including me in this discussion!