Rising Use of Smartphones & Mobile-Generated Revenue

smartphones and mobile-generated revenue

Rising Use of Smartphones & Mobile-Generated Revenue

Technology has come to play a crucial role in every aspect of our lives. One of the best examples of this is the extensive use of smartphones. Today these are not just mobile devices to make or receive calls but also the platform for email, chat and social network sites along with numerous kinds of eCommerce – all at the touch of a screen. According to recently published Real-time mobile data statistics:

  • 59 billion emails are opened on mobile devices worldwide every day
  • 18 billion SMS are sent every day using mobiles
  • On average the daily messages sent using WhatsApp is close to 30 billion and received messages a notch higher at 34 billion

Coupon Machine further explains that:

  • Worldwide smartphone sales are close to 4 million on any given day
  • Samsung alone accounts for close to 900,000 daily smartphone sales
  • iPhone sales come a close second at 600,000+ sales per day

This extensive usage and popularity has resulted in 4.5 billion mobile users in the world. This simple fact alone well justifies the rising popularity of mobile commerce and the increasing use of mobile to further business. Nearly 350,000 applications have been developed in just 36 months to meet this demand.

  • Starbucks has more than 17 million active mobile app users. This company has around 8 million purchases a week.
  • $67 million in Google ad revenues are coming through mobiles on any average day.
  • That figure cannot be astounding given that 2 billion Google searches that happen every day.

The net result is global mobile data traffic is set to exceed 6.2 exabytes by the time 2016 ends.

To watch a fascinating compilation of real-time data on mobile usage and revenue generated from mobile traffic, check out this real-time infographic by Coupon Machine.