30 Sample marketing strategies

30 Sample marketing strategies

sample marketing strategies

Me when I had my big corporate job.

Okay, this promises to be the most boring blog post ever. But whenever I look for examples of strategies I can never find them, so here’s a list of sample marketing strategies. I’ve grouped them by objectives too. This is not necessarily a complete list, but it’s the one I use when I need to brainstorm. Consider this your laundry list of sample marketing strategies and let me know if you have questions. Feel free to add your faves in the comments.

  • Brand marketing strategies create awareness of a new brand, change perception of an existing brand or create a brand extension.
    • Earned media
    • Word of mouth
    • Cause marketing
    • Thought leadership/education
    • Sponsorships
    • Celebrity endorsements
    • Brand journalism
    • Online marketing
  • Content strategies are used when with a longer sales cycle, the client or customer is sophisticated and the brand needs credibility.
    • Brand journalism
    • Native advertising
    • Social media
    • Influencer marketing
    • Multimedia messaging
    • Education/Thought Leadership
    • Contests/Quiz
    • Ambassadors/Celebrity
    • Testimonials
  • Promotional strategies are used to influence the later steps in the buying cycle, including post-purchase behavior.
    • Events
    • Sponsorships
    • Contests
    • Events

    • Rewards/loyalty programs
    • Cause marketing
    • Digital/mobile promotions
    • In-store sales
    • Add-ons/lost leaders
    • Seasonal
  • Geographical strategies might be used for retail, medical practices, franchises and other B2C businesses where the customer is not well-known.
    • Hyper-local marketing
    • Outdoor/On the ground
    • Micro-events
    • Retail business partnerships

Wondering why you need a list of sample marketing strategies at all? Read my last post.