SlideShare – the best social network you’ve never heard of

SlideShare – the best social network you’ve never heard of

I love SlideShare for professionals. It’s an excellent visual tool for sharing content and for creating conversions to your site. I tell all my clients that if they’re using LinkedIn, they should be on SlideShare. Here’s an article out this week from the Content Marketing Institute with their 10 best tips for using SlideShare.

10 SlideShare Strategies that Will Boost Your Content’s Value

By GREGORY CIOTTI | Published: SEPTEMBER 17, 2012

While blog content should forever remain the backbone of your content marketing efforts, there are definitely some distinct advantages to leveraging outside platforms to expose your content to a new audience.

One such platform that I feel is very underutilized is SlideShare. Given how visual content marketing has become in the last few years, many smart brands such as HubSpot and Twilio are making conscious efforts to create amazing slideshow content for generating more leads. The reason that some marketers may be hesitant to embrace SlideShare is that they are unsure about just how to maximize their presence on the platform. As someone who had hit the home page numerous times and sent thousands of visitors to my sites and my client’s sites from the platform, I wanted to reveal 10 specific strategies for getting the best return from your content on SlideShare. Let’s get started!

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Want to see an example of a great SlideShare? Here you go:

Content Marketing Like a Real Company from Michael King