More social media tricks your small business needs to try

More social media tricks your small business needs to try

By Drew Hudson,

This is the second in a series of three blog posts from Drew with  advanced social media tricks and tips. 

5. Convert to a Pinterest Business Profile:

Pinterest now allows businesses to have official accounts. These accounts allow companies to more effectively interact with their audiences on Pinterest.

By visiting, you can either create a new business profile or convert an existing profile to a business account. To create a new business profile, click “Join as a business.” You’ll then be prompted to fill out a form with such information as: your business type; your contact info and password; the business name and logo; and a description and website.

Business accounts, you only need to provide a single name, rather than first and last name with personal accounts. To convert an existing profile, select “Convert your Existing Account” on the Pinterest Business page. Log in to your account, provide the required information, accept the terms of service and click “Convert Account.” After creating or converting your account, you’ll see a Get Started page that can help you Verify your website, install a pinterest widget on your site, drive traffic back to your site, and grow your audience.

6. Give your Company a Home on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a valuable tool for professionals to connect with one another, but it’s a great resource for companies, too. If anyone who’s worked at your company has a LinkedIn profile, your company is listed, so it’s essential that your brand is represented accurately. It’s also a terrific resource for finding candidates for open positions, since people’s credentials are listed front-and-center.

A company page is a centralized location on LinkedIn for updates and information about your company. Businesses create company pages to control brand, centralize LinkedIn job postings and track follower and page statistics.

To create a company page roll over the “Companies” tab and click “Search Companies.” On this page you will see any company pages of which your are currently a manager and you can create a new company by clicking the “Add a Company” link in the upper right corner.  Once the page is created, anyone on LinkedIn can follow your company to be notified of updates or job openings.

7. Create a Social Sale or Promotion

Creating an offer on your Facebook Page allows you to promote a sale you’re having on your product or service, either online or at your store’s physical location, to all of your Facebook fans.When a Facebook fan claims your offer, they can choose to share the story with their friends. The only catch is your page must have at least 100 likes to create an offer.

To create and schedule an offer, Grovo’s latest Facebook tutorial video has you covered:

8. Enable Social Sharing on YouTube

One thing that’s different between regular SEO and video SEO is the social aspect, particularly on YouTube. Because Google owns YouTube, their analytics are much deeper than on other sites..  Adding a social call to action and having viewers share videos with their friends and networks helps get more views and to spread the content. As Google Plus becomes more and more prevalent, it’s going to be important to see Google Plus shares all videos. This social sharing can help your video rank based on its title, even in regular search results. This Grovo video shows you how to connect your social media accounts on YouTube

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drew-hudsonDrew Hudson is a Product Analyst and Writer for Grovo Learning, Inc. specializing in social media, cloud computing, and mobile apps.  Since the turn of the decade, he has entrenched himself in the evolution of Web services and digital strategies and is an authority on the business impact of new Internet tools and trends. He writes several tutorial scripts each day, with tips on how to better use the Internet, and is a lead writer for the Grovo Blog. Besides keeping up with what’s going on in the tech world and writing about it, Drew loves music, sports, and exploring the best of everything New York has to offer.