add a blog to your website Tag

I don't know about you, but sometimes updating my blog feels like such a pain. My friend Kate offered to write this post for me this week and it was a great reminder why we should all consider a blog on our main websites. I hope you find it helpful too!

Business websites typically all follow the same pattern: there is a homepage, an about page, a page that lists your products or services, and a contact page. They all have the same impersonal feel and they all serve one purpose, which is to give consumers information about the business and hopefully land a sale. Every business needs a website because we live in an online world. But every website also needs a blog.

  1.  It’s a place to share thoughts and ideas – Blogs give websites a space to bounce around ideas and share thoughts with your consumers. It’s a place where consumers can see the day-to-day activities going on with the business, which gives a more intimate feel to the business than a website that strictly contains factual information is able to maintain.