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The expertise and reach of a B2B influencer can prove very valuable beyond the immediate return of a campaign. Influencers come in all shapes and sizes. Some have large followings; some don’t. Others have a significant amount of influence while others, less so. Here's a look at some ways that B2B brands can benefit from relationships with B2B influencers. Expanding Your Reach Your reach is limited by the size of your immediate audience. To expand a brand’s reach, you must look outward. For example, OpenView features content from a number of influencers, each with a significant audience in their field. This content gets shared with an audience that normally would not be exposed to this material, resulting in new visitors to their site on a regular basis. As Kevin Cain, OpenView’s Director of Content Strategy explains, “By virtue of the fact that these influencers are choosing to publish content on our site, they are effectively signaling their approval of OpenView.” Improved Content Quality While many companies produce in-house content or outsource its generation as a money-saving tactic, Lee Odden suggests working with B2B influencers that already have established authority and status within your target market. Think about it. These people have built a reputation in part through their proven ability to create high-quality content. So why compete when you can co-operate to achieve your goals? Increased Engagement Conversations going on in your market between B2B influencers and prospects on a regular basis. They are looking for help and data to make informed buying decisions.  According to Traackr,