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[caption id="attachment_12927" align="alignright" width="211"]best b2b marketing campaigns - b2b marketing campaign - best b2b campaigns - best b2b marketing SnapApp's new Campaign Confidence Gap Report shows a lack of confidence prevalent among B2B marketing professionals.[/caption] SnapApp's new Campaign Confidence Gap Report reports challenges with traditional B2B marketing campaigns, particularly with how bullish marketers feel about using non-integrated techniques. In fact the study found that 82% of B2B marketers report feeling "not very" or only "somewhat" confident in their traditional marketing strategies. With only 18% of B2B marketers “extremely confident” about their work, the Campaign Confidence Gap Report identifies four major challenges for B2B marketing:
  • Identifying new leads
  • Creating and sourcing content offers to support campaigns
  • Scaling leads to make sales targets
  • Developing compelling calls to action
The study defines a content-enabled campaign as essentially a campaign including conversational or interactive marketing, rather than one that simply offers PDF files in exchange for lead generation input. A content-enabled campaign is designed to inform and also to capture individual responses. Content-enabled marketing uses  empathy, an approach where marketers talk with customers instead of just advertising, and where companies try to match the passions and concerns of a customer base. "B2B Marketers have fallen into a 'lead-gated PDF rut,'focusing too much on creating static eBooks, case studies and white papers to drive leads into the funnel," says Aaron Dun, Senior Vice President of Marketing for SnapApp. To break through, I see marketers getting outside of their comfort zones in 2017 and focusing on developing content experiences that facilitate more meaningful and engaging conversations with prospects.” The study also spends time looking at results, showing how content-enabled campaigns can provide benchmarking data and address pain points. The company provides analysis of how content-enabled campaigns can improve metrics like open rates and click-through rates. SnapApp researchers defined common customer goals for new campaigns including: