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This weekend Nick Bilton wrote a piece about companies that are providing Online Reputation Management services called "Erasing the Digital Past" He continues on in a blog post today discussing how one's online reputation may be the "modern day credit report." As a publicist, dealing with a client's online history has become a bigger and bigger part of my job and next week I'll be announcing a service to help people improve their online reputations and search results. I remember a client of mine several years ago who was launching her first book based on her experiences as a Silicon Valley executive and lifecoach. These careers were after a rather successful one as a lingerie model, that included appearances in Howard Stern videos and some Playboy publications.  Although her married name showed no results, once we found her maiden name online it turned out some of her photos were even being used as cellphone wallpaper! That may be a drastic example, but as most people know Google alerts are simply not enough. We know that company's like Toyota are quite skilled at burying bad news and poor press, as I wrote about in a February 2010 post. We may not all have advertising budgets like Toyota, but there are many things you can do to clean up your reputation online fast. On Thursday I'll give you some tips based on what we do for clients, to create an image online that's just as wonderful as your image in person.The first task, however, is to understand how to determine the current state of your online reputation.  Here's how: