Taking your blog to the next level (Part Two)

Taking your blog to the next level (Part Two)

Okay, here’s the thing – let me start off by saying I can’t provide you with a total ‘how to guide’ of what to do to evolve your blog content. Keeping a captive audience is far more complex than even the approach that you use when you’re starting your blog. Every blog is going to be different as every readership is going to be different. What I can give you is some tips based on my own experience in evolving content in a way that will help you reach your goals with your blog and with your business. Here they are:

Tip #1 – Really look at what your readers respond to

Yes, I know I mentioned this as a point on what you do when starting up your blog. But this time, I mean really, really look hard. Don’t just look at the subjects they seem to enjoy, or whether they prefer posts in paragraph or bullet form; dig deeper. Do they like it when you are controversial about your industry? Do they like it when you provide them with a unique perspective on a major news story or do they prefer the facts? Do they prefer it when you set yourself up as the expert giving them facts, or do they prefer when your post opens up a forum for discussion?

Look at all of those little things when trying to evolve your blog content. Early blogging is more black and white; now it’s time to delve into those gray areas.

Tip #2 – Try and be more insightful

You know I’m a strong believer that ALL content needs to be interesting when it’s on your blog. There is a time and place for the stuff that is published JUST for the sake of SEO (you know what I mean, the stuff no one actually wants to read), and it isn’t on your blog.  But that’s not what I’m talking about – I mean the very high level content that provides pretty basic information to readers; the highest level how to guides. Say you’re a mortgage broker with a blog, for example. Early on, you may want to cater to first time home buyers to attract your readership and you’ll write on subjects like “how to get your first mortgage”.  That’s great, but if you KEEP those initial readers, they’ll go through their own evolution and they will want more from you.

After they’ve been following you for an extensive period of time, you’ve already informed them about the basics. It’s time to start truly giving some unique insight when you are looking to evolve.  Of course, you do want to continue to cater to those first time readers as well, but you’ve got to remember the goal of keeping the readers that have grown with you too. If all you’re giving them is the high level, basic information, it’s just going to seem like clutter to your loyal readers.

Remember, whether you’re blogging for your own business or hiring a pro blogger to do it; being familiar with the journey of the blog and the evolution it needs to take is essential. Since the evolution of your blog content just can’t be black and white, we’d like you to tell us what you’ve done to ensure your blog content remains a hot commodity?