Thank you Google Panda

Thank you Google Panda

By Beth Graddon-Hodgson

Although the Google Panda update has been responsible for the decline in ranking success for many sites – in some cases,  for justified reasons – it has helped reinforce a number of important concepts that apply to blogging. What Google has been so kind to reinforce is  a number of concepts that we’ve discussed before on this blog. But considering there’s now more demand to put the related strategies for use, it is worth revisiting.

Whether you’re just starting a blog or already have one setup, there are some things you should implement now.  Panda reminds us of the power of these simple strategies:

  • Communicate with your readers – remember, it’s not just about how many keywords you can cram into your posts. Post entertaining content that entices your readers to react and interact.
  • Maintain the perspective that your blog isn’t about you – yeah, yeah, we know what your goal is and know that it’s self-serving and that’s all good. But you can accomplish that by making your blog about your readers. Skip using too many inbound links to your own website and instead link to quality sites that lend something to your point.
  • Trust that your readers will be able to put two and two together – you don’t need to oversell your services or push your contact information too hard. Have faith, your readers will figure it all out themselves.

Don’t be too afraid of Panda. If you’ve been doing the above all along, you should find out you  are already ahead!