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Twitter Marketing Strategy

Tweak Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

Twitter can be an effective marketing platform when used correctly. Allowing you to easily connect with strangers around the world, it’s the perfect tool for building more leads and creating more brand awareness. You may have already tried Twitter and had few results – with so many people around the world sending so many tweets per minute, it’s easy for your voice to get drowned out. By learning the art of tweeting, you can create more engaging content. Here are just a few pro tweeting tips.

Make Use of Hashtags

Twitter’s most famous feature is the hashtag. Hashtags can be used as labels to help searchers find your Tweet. They’re best used as a way of linking your business to current events. If you’re at a trade show and you want people to know you’ve got a stall there, hashtagging the name of the trade show at the end of your tweet will help to notify other Twitter users. You can also link content to more general affairs such as special annual events (e.g. #valentinesday), sporting events (e.g. #2018worldcup) or even a famous figure in the news (e.g. #Princewilliam). Hashtags can also be used to highlight key search terms such as #free or #sales that people may be searching for. All in all, they’re a great way of making your tweets easier to find by essentially categorizing them. Make sure that hashtags are always relevant and never use more than two, otherwise you could risk looking spammy and unprofessional. Sites like Hashtagify can notify you of the most popular hashtags of the moment.

Use Images, Videos, Gifs, Emojis and Memes

Any kind of visual is certain to make your tweets stand out. Tweets containing images often receive twice the reactions of text-only tweets. These photos could be anything from photos of you working to your logo. Videos can also grab people’s attention as they’re scrolling through Twitter and can be used to provide lots of information. These could be links to other people’s videos that are relevant to your business such as a medical news video if you own a private medical clinic. Alternatively, they could be videos you’ve created yourself such as an advertisement or filmed footage of a conference that you were hosting.

As for gifs, emojis and memes, these are all language of the internet and while they may seem informal, many businesses have found them effective at bringing a sense of humor and relatability to their marketing. Social media thrives on being fun and using these internet tricks can help to make your business seem just that. Of course, make sure that all gifs, emojis and memes are relevant. Don’t be afraid to poke fun at yourself or assert bold opinions using these visuals.

Improve the Timing of Your Tweets

Timing is everything when it comes to Twitter. There are certain times of the day and certain times of the week in which there are likely to be more Twitter users, depending on who your market is. B2B companies are best off tweeting during weekday work hours, while B2C companies are best off tweeting in the mornings, evenings and at the weekend. There are programs such as AltoSocial that can allow you to queue up tweets for these times. This could be helpful if you’re a B2C company and don’t want to spend your hours out of work tweeting.

As for linking content to current events, you should always try to get your tweets in early. If you’re too late to the party, your tweet will get drowned out. Tweet about a TV program or business event while its happening, not afterward, and more people are likely to react to your tweet.

Interact with Other Users

Interaction with other users is the best way to boost your Twitter presence. If people tweet at you, whether it’s a complaint or a positive reply to one of your posts, always interact back. Also find ways to encourage interaction such as asking questions on Twitter, creating polls and hosting competitions. Some of the most popular company Twitter accounts are the ones that respond regularly to users. You should also like, reply to and share other people’s content as this will help to also make others aware of you. You can show your support for companies you’ve worked with and weigh in your opinion on news within your field.

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  1. Thanks for posting such as relevant article, understanding these straightforward and easy ways of digital marketing strategies. social media is a big platform for marketing. twitter is one of the most important tool of social media for marketing. twitter allow you to easily connect with strangers. it’s the perfect tool for building more leads. we should also reply to and share other people’s content it will help to make others aware of us. here i have some really important things about twitter to do that we can take more advantage of it. timing is one of the important part of twitter marketing. video, images and emojis can also grab people’s attention so keep attention towards this side also while twitter marketing.

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