Tying the news to your blog posts

Tying the news to your blog posts

Beth Hodgson is from Canada so she has to peg all her blog posts from US news. Otherwise they’d be too boring. 

How important is it to write about current stories? Should all of your blog posts be relevance to news in your industry? These are great questions and  worth exploring. If you want fast answers, I can give you a few:

The only news in Canada is about hockey.

  • It depends on your industry
  • It depends on your audience
  • It depends on the type of news
  • It depends upon how well you can spin articles so you aren’t just regurgitating what’s already been said.

An even better answer is that it is always wise to try and incorporate something “newsy” into articles for your business blog.  It gives you a chance of attracting more readers looking for details on that story and as a result stumble across your blog.

Commenting or writing about current, relevant news is helpful but it is also important  to be creative on your blog if you want to recruit readers and clients.  At the end of the day many others will write about something that’s in the news, putting their own unique stamp on it. If you can also do something different, you’ll find an edge.

We haven’t really discussed use of news topics on your blog before, but don’t worry…there’s more to come!