Wax Marketing Top 9 Posts of 2016

Wax Marketing Top 9 Posts of 2016

2016 has been a fantastic year for Wax Marketing – from speaking opportunities around the United States to the launch of our new entrepreneur site, to even more readers engaging with our content. I hope that we can continue to help you understand and make use of the wild frontier known as integrated marketing as we move into the new year.

Until then here is a quick roundup of our most popular blog posts in 2016 – enjoy!

Instagram was a hot topic this year for Wax Marketing readers and particularly for those in B2B.

Interest in visual marketing tools and techniques also continued to grow in 2016 on the Wax Marketing blog.

  • We identified the 7 Best Tools for Visual Marketers back in June, and many of these continue to be popular favorites. (Of course we’ll need to update that soon!)
  • Earlier that year we talked about Using Video for B2B Marketing – a post that continues to be shared constantly on social media. We promise more on video, including my own video posts, to come in 2017.

Measurement is always challenging for marketers and measuring integration is one of the trickiest areas 

And then there were several that don’t really fall into categories, but were highly shared and read. 

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